El BioEmprendedores Podcast, con Pablo Villalba de StimuSIL

Delaware, US; June 19th, 2023 

BioEmprendedores Podcast featuring Pablo Villalba in 'The StimuSIL Case'

On June 19th, 2023, StimuSIL’s Co-Founder Pablo Villalba was featured in a podcast by BioEmprendedores: The Spanish Health Entrepreneurship Podcast. You can listen to the podcast below in Spanish.

The following is a translated preview of the podcast from BioEmprendedores’ LinkedIn page

“Today we bring you Pablo Villalba of StimuSIL, Inc. Pablo is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Teambox (now called Redbooth) and 8fit (which is now a part of Withings). En 2020, Pablo and his sister Ana Villalba founded StimuSIL, a medical technology company, with the aim of revolutionizing the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

Listen carefully to this episode to learn about the differences of starting a business across multiple industries, and the importance of choosing a large market, among other things.” 

If you’re interested in more podcasts or webinars, check out Dr. Marketing’s podcast with Pablo Villalba (available to read in English and listen to in Spanish) or StimuSIL’s webinar (in English) with Pablo Villalba and CMO Dr. Scott Gerrish.